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June 17, 2008


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Hey ! Thanks for the plug sissy. That is a beautiful use of those products! I AM the AVON LADY! lol!

Also, if anyone being on your wonderful blog, is interested in becoming an AVON rep, doesn't matter where they live...they can go to: http://www.start.youravon.com and enter in my passcode: akrutko They will be on their way!

Thanks for letting me toot my own horn.

toot. toot.


LOVE your sweater Katina....maybe she will get started on my HOBO bag at some point. tee hee.

Megan S.

Thanks for your comment! I've always loved this sweater, but was a bit concerned that it would not be nice to my unfortunately ample bustline.

Love the hanging organizers!!! What a pretty way to hang items out in the open!


Hi--I'm commenting on your comment on my blog because I can't get to my regular email right now (long story, and a pain in the, er, neck...)

Your gray sweater looks fantastic. I'd like to see it on a "real" body when it's done, because I don't always trust knitted things on models. I've not been sure that I would like that angled front thing on me. I'm not terribly overweight (size 12-14) but I'm well-endowed, so it might look like a big ol' sail hanging off my bosom.

Are you in the Ravelry Summer of Socks group?

You asked about stretching for the neck--it helps me because I hold myself so tensely all the time. And something about stretching my legs and back seems to transfer to my shoulders and neck so that everything is better. I was taking ballet classes for the past couple of years, until I hurt my back this spring, and that kept me pretty well in shape as far as the muscle tension goes.

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