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July 27, 2008


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Heidi Jill Price

Hey, I like those socks with the white heels and toes! Neat idea!

Great idea to move the sheep around! In my less sane moments, I think about getting wooly lawn mowers.! I have the land for them - just not sure that I have the energy! LOL!


My sister has goats. She moves them around to eat weeds on her farm. I've tried to convince her to switch to sheep, then learn to spin. I'd learn to dye and we'd be in yarn heaven. She won't talk to me about it.


Love the socks! Especially the first pair. Nice dye job.

And I can't imagine why people who had sheep *wouldn't* use them to mow the lawn. Isn't that in the genetics or something?!? ;)


My monkey socks look great!! I love 'em!! John & I can't wait to see you & Paul (and My Shadow, of course) on Friday!! Until then....XOXO


So you're really zipping along on socks! Good for you!

I want sheep. And/or their fleece. ;-)

BTW, it's "Voila" (with an accent over the last 'a') Not to be confused with "Viola" which is something compeletely different!


Oh Yeah! That's how you spell it! DUH! :)


you could fix that mowing problem with...more sheep :)

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