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October 17, 2008


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The fishing looked very peaceful. Fall is an excellent time for that. The picture of the Amish buggy looks familiar. There are Mennonites that live east of here. They ride in buggies and sell wonderful baked goods and handmade furniture.

Go ahead and eat your sandwich. You can exercise it off later.

Ann in CT

Look how cute you are!
Even if you did finish Coronet and I haven't even finished a sock. sigh. But yours looks very nice.
I could see why you wouldn't have a size 10 16". I wouldn't either, but I have a Denise set. The sleeve still looks great.


Great pictures!

I'm always amazed myself when there's a needle I don't have--I generally choose to disbelieve it. I have needles EVERYWHERE--how would it even be possible that I'm missing anything? However, I know for a fact that I only have one 16" circular at all. They're too small & I like dpns better. One manufacturer makes a 20" circular, and that's what I generally use.


I'm glad I'm not the only person who takes pictures of wheels of cheese...Happy Anniversary...sounds like you had a wonderful week off work....I like a girl that can fish and knit!


Sounds like you had a wonderful week. There is a little town down in Mid Illinois that is an Amish community and we love going down there and eating at a place called,"Yoders". Best food around.

I actually have a size 10 16"circular. Bought it for a purse that I made when I first started knitting. LOL You could have borrowed mine.

Your knitting is looking great! And that picture is cute.

Have a Great Sunday!!

Megan S.

Ohhh! Can I trade your week with mine? It looks like you have been having a wonderful time, and fishing is the icing on the cake.

You guys look so happy in that picture! It brought a smile to my face - happy couples are a joy to be around. Congratulations on your anniversary. I hope that you have many more!

You've definitely been getting your knit on! Woot! You'll be wearing the taupe sweater in no time at all if you keep it up, and the hat looks great! Phrases like "reverse stockinette" often times throw me for a loop, and when I finally remember what it is, I just have to laugh at myself. (After all, if you can't laugh at yourself...) I can't wait to see the cowl with it - luscious and soft yarn is perfect for such a project.


Isn't that obvious? of course you wouldn't have that needle. You'll probaly discover you did indeed have it next time you are searching for a size 6 or something.

OTH... that cheese sure looks yummy! Now I want cheese, LOL

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