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December 11, 2008


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Ann in CT

I shall live vicariously through your stash enhancement.
Your Pixie Dust looks like similar colors to the Robins Egg Madelintosh I'm playing with at the moment.


Wow--I'll also be living vicariously through your stash enhancement. I've used 18,000 yards of my stash up this year & I'm going to allow a little yarn on January 1, but it would only take me about 22 minutes alone with the computer to purchase more yarn than I've used up this entire year.....

Lovely stuff, though....


Oooh, I think I need to buy myself a Christmas present like that! Great haul!


Oh, oh, pixie dust, I love you with all my heart! Boy am I pathetic!

How on Earth did you expect to get to Christmas without opening the boxes? Are we great at denial? Har har. Let them have their fun, you have... NEW YARN!


Boys are so bad with the make fun of you stuff. And when you turn the tables, suddenly not so fun. ;)

Methinks you maybe got the free shipping on this one, eh?!? ;)


You have more in your stash than I do and I knit for a living! I am humbled by your collection and recent selections. The alpaca is lovely.

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