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February 18, 2009


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Ann in CT

gasp ::thunk::
I just passed out from the cuteness! Are they soft and fluffy like puppies? Or are they coarse?
At least your ewes stick to their deadlines. :-)
I poked at the doily last night. Deadline knitting indeed.


what darling little sheepies!

good luck with the deadline knitting! you can do it!


Awwwwww. How cute is that??? And I promise it's not just because of the wool....

Really, is there any other knitting besides deadline knitting????


Totally awsome cuteness. I want to pet those lambs!

Missy & John

Aww...my fertile stud ram Johnny did it again!! Just like his namesake...LOL!! The blankie looks great...see you Saturday & love you Dani Beanie Babie!!


Gorgeous, beautiful animals......oh, they are so lucky to be with you.....and the knitting is pretty spiffy too. You will finish in time. I have faith in you.


Pretty little babies. My sister raises goats. The last two years her Harmony has had triplets! I like to think of them as litters of goats!

Pretty baby things. You'll make it!


OMG the cuteness!! Do you get to keep them both???

Good luck with the deadline knitting!


Those are some precious babies! I bet they feel wonderful!!


Awww...beautiful lambies!!

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