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February 05, 2009


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Ms Lindz

I like the swirl sock! Makes me want to make one. I think a little wider would probably be good. Looking forward to seeing the next prototype of it!

Looks like the sweater is coming along nicely :)


It would be very interesting if you could share this swirling thing once you feel sure about it. I hate weaving in those ends... I've done some nice things with left overs in my time, but never finished anything because I didn't weave in the ends!


thank you for your comment on my blog! yes, i found that it's all a variation of the basic stitches, thankfully. I've been knitting 20+years so there's a lot of practising to get crochet on the same level of neatness!


The Swirl Sock is fab, it would be great if you could share with the class once you have it figured out. The sweater is coming along well, its going to be so good when its done.


the swirl sock is such a neat idea! good on your for persevering on that fair isle sweater. it looks so daunting. :-o


Hm, purple.....shocking!

Have you noticed that there aren't ugly colors of purple? There are ugly greens, ugly pinks, ugly yellows, ugly browns, but purple just isn't ever ugly--in my totally biased opinion.....:)


What fun.....well done.


Love the new sock!! Can't wait to hear more about how you're making it work.

The sweater is looking great too!

Megan S.

I am loving the sock!! I need to try my fingers at some colorwork! Matter of fact, I may have gotten a book on it in the mail... Oh dear - that may mean another KAL!! (But only if you are there to hold my hand!)


Have you checked out Grumperina's blog? (http://www.grumperina.com/knitblog/)

She did a section on Helix socks (changing the yarn for striping with no weaving)that you might find interesting.


What a clever idea for the swirl socks! Your sweater is looking good. If it is size XL I could give it a good home! :-)

Ann in CT

Oh, that's a cool sock idea. You must get it figured out so I can debate using it for my Jitterbug leftovers.
Yes, designing does suck!

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