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June 25, 2009


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Megan S

The salmon and russet is beautiful!! The perfect yarn for vanilla socks!!

If you need a place to hide out once Paul really grasps the size of the stash, I'll put you up. Just call first so that I can make sure I can clear a path through all of the stash!

Ann in CT

The salmon and russet is looking good.
Can't wait to see the banana worked up. I remember it when it was just roving, they grow up so fast.
My Hubby hasn't explored my stash recently. phew! I manage to keep it contained to a couple tubs in the attic and the one cabinet in the dining room credenza. Which is not easy to do, working at a LYS on the weekends and all. I wish I could apply that will power to chocolate.
Hey as you were moving all this stuff around, did you document it for Ravelry?

Dr. Molly Welsh

Those are really great socks!


that poor man has no idea, does he?

i'm in love with your sprucey lucys!! they're gorgeous!


You might mention in passing that the boxes are probably big enough to hold a body. Just sayin'.


Now that I'm going to have one of the bigger rooms for all my craft stuff, I don't think Matt will notice how much I really have (not that he really notices now, but he does notice how many packages show up...). Hopefully when I start talking about how I need more storage cubes he won't realize it's because the stash has grown so much!! Then again, he did see me pack up 2 huge boxes, 1 medium size box and one small box full of yarn stuff yesterday, which is just barely fitting in all my storage cubes now.

I love your Sprucey Lucy socks! Perfect color for them. I can't wait to see how your handspun works up in the Nanners pattern. I'm not quite good enough at spinning to spin fingering weight yet, but hoping that the Tour de Fleece will give me some practice. I love your Salmon and Russett socks!! I can't wait to get moved and settled so I can try dying up some yarn :)


LOL Hilarius :-D


Beautiful Sprucey Lucy's. Men! They just don't understand what is important!


You want me to save you some Avon boxes ???


I completely understand, this is why I got the studio space.

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