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August 04, 2009


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Dr. Molly Welsh

Danielle - those are fantastic! I can't think of a name at the moment, but they look so good - they do sort of remind me of a seaweed look, but that is not very romantic of a name, LOL.


I love that pattern! Truly. I'm thinking Ida would be a good name for it!
When will it be available? Is it toe-up or top-down?


Those are beautiful. I don't have much of an imagination when it comes to naming things. Be sure to let us know when the pattern will be available.

Now, quick, start your next one while the ideas are dancing in your head!


Those are wonderful! Well done!


the name that popped in my head when i saw those was "japanese waves". dunno why. :P

either way they're GORGEOUS! i want to make them. i want to make them NOW.

/shakes herself

great job, girl!


Those are really lovely. I think with the color and the pattern, they remind me of the ocean and waves. I would say a good name would be seascape or sea waves. Something along those lines. Ooooooo Seaspray! That's my favorite. Good luck!


I don't know about a sock name (BTW, they're lovely) but I want a pair of PowerPuff Girls pants!!!! *off to pout*


"Yeah - you can imagine how hard this one was to take!!! I think I learned a new Yoga pose!"

I *know* how hard those are to take!! I've put a cramp in my leg trying to get them from time to time. So not my idea of fun! Now I try and use the self-timer thing on the camera, but even then I end up taking a crazy amount of pictures with one or two decent ones in the bunch.


They look GREAT!! I really like how they turned out. I think I've figured out the pattern I've been designing in my head for the last few weeks. I hope they come out as nice as yours did! I'm probably over thinking it and need to just get going on the knitting already.

As for a name, what about "Tides"? With the color of the yarn and the "waves" the pattern sort of makes, it reminds me of the ocean tides. Of course, the ocean has been on my mind a lot lately, so that could be why it was the first thing I thought :)

Toni S

The socks are great!!!! And I'm quite impressed with the heel picture. Not positive I could pull that one off.

No idea on the name


Beautiful socks, they came along perfect! love the colors, the waves and the tiny lace. Great work!
Can't think of a name, though...



Ann in CT

They look great. I shall download it now.
I have Hello Kitty pajamas that I've managed to keep out of pictures. But my polka dot ones show up regularly.
My boss said my last over-the-shoulder-heel picture for my Opal Cotton Rib Socks looks like someone had knocked me out and was dragging me through the kitchen.
I think my boss has an over active imagination.

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